Minipedia: Reimagining a Solarpunk Wikipedia from/for Global South

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Minipedia: Reimagining a Solarpunk Wikipedia from/for Global South

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas-2

Hi all :-),

I made a small project last week, as a way to say good bye to my vacations ;-) and I thought you may be interested. We will be making some sparse activities around this project in our local hackerspace.

On the technical level, Minipedia reimagines Wikipedia as made with Pharo and Fossil, instead of PHP, MySQL, Apache and so on.

Below some teaser texts and images and you can find more at:


Offray Luna

Minipedia is a project that follows the Grafoscopio Community principle of "simplifying infrastructure to amplify participation", reimagining Wikipedia as an enabler of Solarpunk(1,2) futures where the Global South people are equals in building the Knowledge Commons by helping to blur the distintion between (de)constructing contents and (de)constructing inclusive empowering interactive infrastructures, easier to understand, use, extend, and modify. Our working hypothesis is that will change the way we build Knowledge Commons contents together, when we change the way we build together enabling infrastructures for those contents and the people behind.