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[Mm10s] 2020-01-20

### Last week:

- [Spec2] fix a problem with SpDemoActionBarPresenter: we shouldn't use inform from morphic in a gtk application.
- [Spec2] make work the cmd+s and escape in dialogs
- [Spec2] add a fadeout timer to GtkInfoBar to auto hide the bars. This is to simulate how growl works now (WIP).
- [Spec2] fixed toggle checkbox on tables on gtk (it was not implemented)
- [Voyage] unqlite: fixed a test that was crashing (a callback was passing 0 instead NULL)
- [Release] modify website
- [Release] prepare zeroconf
- [Release] work on fixing the load of packages problem (the fix was actually done by Pablo)
- [Release] merge new PR to integrate Spec2 0.2.0

### This week

- [Release] <— This.
- [VM] Check a problem with large installations on AIO/Threaded VM.
- Prepare work to make Pharo usable on big images

### Pipeline

- [VM] debug AIO and worker thread VMs on linux and windows.
- Speed up calypso?