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[Mm10s] 2020-02-24

### Last week:

    * [spec2] fixed the last remaining issue with full-replace layouts.
    * [spec2] fixed the visibility of windows on gtk: the backend was drawing windows before receive
    the open message (because of the visibility settings)
    * [spec2] made a mock up of “generator based list presenter” : a way to not need to feed all items to
    a list before displaying them (this should sped up big lists, and rescue the fast table main purpose).
    * spent part of the day looking for improvements on the callback speed. Figured out looking for
    a callback by address is time consuming because it makes an #isKindOf: very frequently. I made a
    PR to make the comparisson faster.
    * [big-images] made calypso modification about TabManager go into Pharo8 (maybe issues remaining?
    We will see, hopefully not).
    * [big-images] start analysis on speeding up senders/implementors/references (this should also help for
    refactors later)

### This week:

    * [big-images] finish senders/implements/references speed up

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Re: [Mm10s] 2020-02-24

Marcus Denker-4

On 24 Feb 2020, at 10:38, Esteban Lorenzano <[hidden email]> wrote:

### Last week:

- PR reviews and merges
- add mobile nummer to association paypal
- TechTalk organized (the one about "The Colony")
- Daily small thing:
- #5730 2560-CairoFreetypeFontRenderer-ivar-cache-is-initialized---but-nowhere-used
- #5711 use printString to simplify drTestName 
- #5712 Float: add two missing subclassResponsibility methods
- #5700 5684-CollectionatRandom-can-use-withIndexDo 
- #5702 testWhichSelectorsAccess small cleanup 
- #5709 5704-rescue-tests-for-Float-Array

- More work to simplify Bytecode->AST Mapping
- #5710 Context: #sourceNode simplify by introducing #scope 
- #5713 Context: simplify #executedPC
- #5703 Compiler: Small dead code cleanup 
- #5716 Cleanup-enclosingMethodOrBlockNode

- Debugging with Allex 

### This week: