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[Mm10s] 2020-03-02

A small resume of the tasks of the last week.

- [LargeImages] Improving the implementation of Trie in Containers:
    - Splitting the node and collection objects
    - Adding comments
    - Improving tests
- [LargeImages] Adding an optimized version of Trie: having only nodes
if we have a split in the branches. It improves space usage, but it is a
little slower in the insertions.
- [LargeImages] Adding a suffix tree implementation using the
optimized Trie. It provides full-text search.
- [LargeImages] Implementing an index for Spotter using the suffix
tree and the composition algebra.
- [LargeImages] Working with Esteban in the Indexes generation and a
common way of generating the indexes required for Large images.
- Pharo Sprint:
     - Fixing issues on tests
     - Extracting Pharo8 deprecated methods from Pharo9

 The pipeline.... a.k.a the infinite list from we choose what to
do (starting 2020-03-02):

- [LargeImages] Implementing a better Spotter: Integrating indexes.
- [LargeImages] Implementing indexes in a reusable way.
- [Pharo9] Propose a PR for Fuel to support Sista
- [VM] Fixing Tests in Idle
- [Doc] Pass on VM booklet: Callback chapter / Preface
- [VM] Documenting GC, participating in the GC code dojo.
- [LargeImages] Working on improving the speed and responsiveness of
large images.
- [VM] SDL Plugin for Idle
- [VM] Improving Speed of TFFI
- [VM] REPL example  / Interacting with an image from outside (?)
- [PharoCOM] Making it run with TFFI
- [VM] Writing tests for JIT generation

Pablo Tesone.
[hidden email]