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[Mm10s] 2020-04-20

Hi, a little resume of my tasks last week.

- Monday Holiday
- VM tasks documentation
- Reviewing PRs
- Lowcode Sync
- Read Lowcode Code
- JIT Testing
- Idle VM: FIxing problems with semaphores and Threads (they had a
lock-free implementation but it was not robust enough).
- Idle VM: Fixing AIO interrupt error (The AIO poll has to be aware of
external semaphores to signal)
- Idle VM: Adding SDL support to run in the main thread (Fully
implementing the SDL binding in UFFI, so we can configure it).
- Idle VM: Fixing callbacks problems [W/Esteban] (The callback queue
was using a WeakSet that was concurrently accessed and modified, also
it is growing and shrinking all the time).
- Idle VM: Errors debugging in callbacks [W/Esteban] [WIP]
- Task-it Problem [WIP]: Some contexts are kept for debugging, producing leaks.
- Idle VM: Adding an AIO implementation using KQueue for OSX. Select
is not a good player with FIFO and Pipes in OSX, in Linux goes well.

 This week (starting 2020-04-20), just the tip of the iceberg.

- Large Images: Checking Remaining issues
- Task-it Problem
- Pharo Status presentation
- Pharo Status Techtalk.
- [VM] Fixing Tests in Idle.
- Reviewing PR & Issues
- [VM] Writing tests for JIT generation

Pablo Tesone.
[hidden email]