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Esteban Lorenzano

### Last week:

    * PR to remove enlumineur UI and tests from Pharo because it is not working and is causing
    problems with the Spec2 0.6 merge.
    * [Spec2] new merge with P9
    * [newtools] profile inspector to see why StHeaderBar rendering is so slow in morphic (and it
    was because of the use of some font not standard).
    * [spec2] optimise a bit the application os styles by keeping the defined font instead look for
    it each time. This speeds up StDebugger a lot :)
    * [vm] compiling the vm on fedora 32. Some problems around, but I got it building (more or less,
    I needed to use clang). Now, I have problems with the load of modules (like libgit2).
    * [spec2] fix a bug on gtk in which labels and images where not responding to events defined in
    * [spec2] fix a bug that was preventing some commands on GtkMillerAdapter to be executed
    * [spec2] fix a bug on toolbar buttons (gtk side) that was causing the vm to crash because
    sometimes I keep invalid references (this may cause problems later?).
    * [spec2] code: I made a HUGE refactor on how interactionModel works (now they are real objects,
    and users need to use one of the existent or implement their own)

### This week (starting 2020-05-25):

- work with the new inspector.
- fixes on Gtk backend
- finish (If possible) the Fedora 32 build