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[Mm10s] 2020-06-15

Esteban Lorenzano
### Last week:

    * [Spec2] rename ToolBar* with Toolbar
    * [Spec2] Finished a huge iteration to split Spec into SpecCore and Morphic backend
    * [TFFI] refactored TFPointerType>>write:into to use a dispatch instead a chained if.
    * [UFFI] FFILibraryFinder is now more intelligent: it can find from a list of libraries
    (#findAnyLibrary:) and it can receive also a list of user defined paths (#userPaths:) to enhance
    the lookup and allow customisation. Also, unix 64bit known paths list has been enlarged
    incorporating /lib64 and /usr/lib64
    * [NewTools-Playground] bug: "implementors" is not working (NOT FIXED YET)
    * [NewTools] Fixed a bug when inspecting attribute values on debugger (and find problems to
    feed Steven ;) ).
    * [Pharo 9] fixed a dependency of FreeType on Morphic (if you wanted FreeType, you needed to
    install all Morphic to have that working)
    * [Idle-VM] w/Pablo  fix socket problems in windows (in fact, it was not a bug but the fact that the
    headless VM will not work on Win7)
    * [Idle-VM] w/Pablo Worked a lot with OBS to package pharo for different Linux distors. At the end, we
    got one more or less working.
    * [Spec2-doc] pass on CaseStudyOne.pillar - Style
    * [OBS] added Fedora_32, Fedora_31 build.
    * [OBS] working on Debian distros (WIP).

### This week (starting 2020-06-15):

- more OBS (trying to get Debian to build).
- more NewTools (playground)
- more Spec2 refactor to get it ready to a new merge.