Monticello change log history?

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Monticello change log history?

Jerome Peace
Hi Andreas, Avi, and Colin;

This discussion (at least half of it refering to the
comment log) seems relevant to a mantis issue I posted

Summary 0003783: [RFE] MC needs to encourgage the
accumulation of the complete change log in the most
recent versions

The user story that goes it:
Open a repository browser.
 Select a package.
  Select a version of the package.
   See a complete history of the version
     (not just the last incremental change.)

My original suggestion was to encourage the coder by
prompting him with the changes to date instead of a
essentially blank prompt. Then the information
accumulates naturally in the comment.

If as you hinted the history "tree" is stored in each
version, then what I want is to see the lineage of
changes rendered into the information pane not just
the delta for this version.

Please remember that you (Colin and Avi) know TOO much
about how MC does things. Those of us who have to
learn it from the outside have to pick up what's going
on from  clues.

Right now the info pane only shows one delta of
version change.

When you click history you get a list of versions.
You have to click each version to get the delta of
change that it provides into the next browser pane.

This has caused me to build up a mental model of what
is going on that concludes only the delta of change
information is stored in each version. I believe
Andreas came to the same conclusions.

Plus, All that clicking is a PAIN.

If we weren't smarter and lazier than other
programmers there would be no reason to use smalltalk,
sqeuak and tweak.

Make MC smarter. Let the computer do the work. Let us
program as brilliantly as possible as easily as

Stef has been trying to talk me into learning to use
MC to save him time harvesting. This problem is on my
list of show stoppers.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace

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