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[Moose-dev] MOEasel really slow

jannik laval

I try to do a simple visualization for a demo.
In a MOEasel, the scroll bar is really slow...

I use a pharodev-10505 and the last default version of Moose.

The code I execute is :
"System complexity"
| classes |
classes := Collection withAllSubclasses.

view shape rectangle
        width: [:cls | cls instVarNames size * 5];
        height: [:cls | cls methods size ];
        linearFillColor: [ :cls | cls methods inject: 0 into: [:sum :el | sum + el getSourceFromFile lineCount ]] within: classes.
view nodes: classes.
view edgesFrom: #superclass.
view treeLayout

Has someone an idea of the problem ?

Jannik Laval

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