More Election nominations please!

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More Election nominations please!

Göran Krampe
Hi all!

I am getting stressed out here, please don't do this to me! :) We only
have 3 more days until the nomination period is over and only 5
candidates so far - and only already sitting candidates too!

It is high time to step up to the plate fellas!


- The board is still very non formal, how it operates and which role it
takes is very much up to itself and its members! So don't think you
don't fit because of how it has been operating until now.

- The current board members are all "old timers", but that is just a
very good reason to make a difference!


regards, Göran

PS. IMPORTANT: In order to vote - be sure to confirm that you have an
account on and that your email address is up
to date. If you are not already registered on the site do so as soon as
possible. Include information about your participation in the Squeak
community to aid everyone in determining your appropriate certification.
If you have misplaced your password there is
a link on the login page to allow you to reset it.  When the voting
period starts all voters will receive an email with instructions and a
link to the voting website.
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