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More GSoC ideas wanted

Janko Mivšek-2
Russian Smalltalkers privet,

No ideas from Russia so far, so special appeal for you to grasp this opportunity to influence and contribute to wider
Smalltalk community by ideas, mentors, students on this year Google Summer of Code (GSoC) stipendium program. More on

Ideas are otherwise slowly coming, 14 so far, but this is way below the 30+ in previous years. So, stretch your brain, come with some more ideas, which will be interesting for potential students and of course useful for our community. Students you are again welcome to propose such idea by your own. One student idea for now!

Ideas so far:

To propose an idea just respond to this post by fulfilling this idea template:


  Level: (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

  Possible mentor: (if already known)

  Possible second mentor: (if already known)


  Technical Details

  Benefits to the Student

  Benefits to the Community

Best regards
Serge and Janko,
your this year GSoC admins

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