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NBSQLite3 for Glorp

Pierce Ng-3
Dear DBXTalk team,

I have integrated NBSQLite3, my NativeBoost interface to SQLite for Pharo,
into Glorp, and it passes the bulk of the test suite, as chronicled on my
blog at http://www.samadhiweb.com/blog. I have published the latest version
of NBSQLite3 on SS3 containing NBSQLite3GlorpAccessor.

Changes were needed on the Glorp side to hook into NBSQLite3GlorpAccessor,
of course.

What is the best way to extract such changes so that you can review?
The most expedient way is to grant me commit right to the STH repository. :-)
If you are willing, kindly add me as a contributor to the Glorp project
and I will upload my changes.

(Apologies if this message is off topic.)


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