Need: Better ORM tools/alternatives

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Need: Better ORM tools/alternatives

Torsten Bergmann
Esteban wrote:
>the current state of the ORM tools (it is: GLORP) is the same as before
>for me this is a warning light.

Yes - as this list is about discussing what is required I can only agree
that a good ORM (like an updated GLORP including docu) and wide support
for RDBMS is a key factor for better business adoption.

So +1 for CI watched DBXTalk and an updated documented GLORP.

Question still open if this can be done from the community itself with limited
time/resources or with the help of business/sponsors itself.


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Re: Need: Better ORM tools/alternatives

Yuriy Mironenko
I should admit that I'm using GLORP solution for years in-wild.

It it quite usefull, despite the documentation, really, somewhat troublesome: after initial understanding I was forced to understand a lot from tests / code.