New Cog VM Hudson builds available

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New Cog VM Hudson builds available

Igor Stasenko
i just finished integrating stuff from various sources  [1].

Here the changes list:


- a build results (for all platforms) are now stored in
<rootDir>/results subdir by default,
instead of <rootDir>/build/results

- a configuration to load VMMaker and all dependencies is now loading
a CMakeVMMaker package with corresponding version
(the codegen-scripts/ in source code repository are
changed accordingly).

It means, that now, ConfigurationOfCog contains all information, what
should be loaded into image
to make it prepared for building VMs. So, every time you want to build
VMs using new CMakeVMMaker package version,
you should release a new ConfigurationOfCog version which refers to
that package.

- it now contains version 1.6 to load latest VMMaker & friends into image.

the configuration loads

and using

for building VMs.


- signaling input semaphore on Windows
- disabling module loading support primitives
(you can now use Smalltalk disableModuleLoading , Smalltalk
loadModule: aModuleName)
- fixes from Eliot  (based on VMMaker-oscog.54).

You can check the full changes log at [2].

P.P.S. many thanks to Mariano for testing/fixing and pushing changes.


Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.