New GsDevKit_home bugfix/feature release

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New GsDevKit_home bugfix/feature release

GLASS mailing list

For complete details, see the pull request[1]


  1. fix a bug (wrong env var) in default FileTree project entry
  2. Issue #139: add support for Pharo6.0 as a client
  3. Issue #161: Add netldi magic line into autogenerated .topazini
  4. Issue #162: Can newExtent accept zipped extents?
  5. Issue #173: add pharo6.0 client tests
  6. [PARTIAL FIX] Isue #182: Paths with spaces cause installation to fail
  7. Issue #189: add support for pharo6.1 and pharo7.0 as clients
  8. glassdb/glass update
  9. GsDevKit/Grease update
  10. dalehenrich/metacello-work update


  1. Add $GS_HOME/bin/bootstrapGLASS script for doing a GLASS bootstrap into extent0.dbf. Alternative to using extent0.seaside.
  2. Add -b, -B, -C, -G, -P, and -U options to $GS_HOME/bin/createStone script.
    • -b option bootstraps GLASS into the given extent. Default extent is extent0.dbf.
    • -B [EXPERIMENTAL] option ensures that Cypress is installed in base. Use with -G option. Only supported for 3.4.0 and later. Uses the [EXPERIMENTAL] bootstrapGsDevKit script.
    • -C load specified project into stone using .smalltalk.ston, assuming tODE is NOT installed
    • -G do not install tODE in stone, use extent0.dbf as the default extent. Default userId is SystemUser.
    • -P specify a password to be used with the userId defined with -U option.
    • -U specify a userId to be used for creating a stone. If the user does not exist it will be created.
  3. Allow custom netldi options to be specified on the $Gs_HOME/bin/startNetldi command line.
  4. New scripts: $GS_HOME/bin/startAllStones and $GS_HOME/bin/stopAllStones
  5. Support for creating Pharo6.0, Pharo6.1 and Pharo7.0 client images. tODE client continues to use Pharo3.0.
  6. [EXPERIMENTAL] New script $GS_HOME/bin/bootstrapGsDevKit builds a GsDevKit image starting with extent0.dbf and loads code using Cypress loader. Installs GsDevKit as SystemUser. Not recommended for production use.
  7. Add -d and -f options to $GS_HOME/bin/downloadGemStone:
    • -d option specifies an alternate directory on the ftp site to use for downloading the named version
    • -f deletes and re-downloads a GemStone product. To be used when a new Alpha download is available or when the product is released ... NOTE that any stones created with the Alpha releases must be recreated as upgrades from Alpha versions to release versions is not supported.

Update Script for Client and/or Server

updateGsDevKit -gd                 # update just GsDevKit_home

To pick up glassdb, Grease, tODE and Metacello updates (recommended):

updateGsDevKit -gsd               # update GsDevKit_home and shared repositories


Glass mailing list
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