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Schwab,Wilhelm K

I'm hoping that this is not the case, the UI for me is still in flux but
still very happy with seaside.  Have a look at which is
written entirely in seaside.  With the live update pieces I've seen
(seasideAsync) which allows for portions of the page to be updated
reloading the whole page, it is really snappy!

That is impressive.  I try to keep my machines ignorant of flash (too
many ads) but I will seek out one that is so configured to view the
screencast.  Still, it will take some convincing to get me to go
completely over to web front ends for everything.

Yes and it worked fine but broke for Rob.  I must have loaded the patch
are talking about previously, or I saw the problem and fixed it myself
it's in my own code.  I need to find it.

The patch I have appears below.

It would apply to all DLL's so communication in and out should be
which doesn't work well if you want plain text sent back into the image.
The image itself is safer since the memory is protected, although it's
much more protection since debugging tools can still be used to dump the
memory.  Bruce Schneier has a lot of suggestions about handling internal
memory that I would like to add into Squeak.

Could we do static linking to the VM?  Of course, that would make
increase the size of the VM and complicate installing updates to

Yes they had the certification but other for profit companies have been
fighting against it.  They had something but it was revoked.  I went to
the status and it looks like they are still on track:

Got it - thanks.


'From Squeak3.2 of 15 January 2002 [latest update: #4881] on 17 October
2002 at 2:30:42 pm'!
"Change Set: underscoreMadness
Date: 17 October 2002
Author: Ian Piumarta

Makes the Scanner accept underscores in words or keywords (but not in
the first position since that would require context sensitivity).  Use
of this changeset has been officially condemned by the Independent Board
of Syntactical Aesthetics for Squeak."!

!Scanner methodsFor: 'multi-character scans' stamp: 'ikp 10/17/2002
        "Form a word or keyword."

        | type |
        buffer reset.
        [(type _ typeTable at: hereChar asciiValue) == #xLetter or:
[type == #xDigit or: [type == #leftArrow]]]
                        ["open code step for speed"
                        buffer nextPut: hereChar.
                        hereChar _ aheadChar.
                        source atEnd
                                ifTrue: [aheadChar _ 30 asCharacter
                                ifFalse: [aheadChar _ source next]].
        (type == #colon or: [type == #xColon and: [aheadChar ~= $=]])
                        [buffer nextPut: self step.
                        ["Allow any number of embedded colons in literal
                        (typeTable at: hereChar asciiValue) == #xColon]
                                whileTrue: [buffer nextPut: self step].
                        tokenType _ #keyword]
                        [tokenType _ #word].
        token _ buffer contents! !

Wilhelm K. Schwab, Ph.D.
University of Florida
Department of Anesthesiology
PO Box 100254
Gainesville, FL 32610-0254

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