New MockTurtle package on CroquetSource

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New MockTurtle package on CroquetSource

David Faught
Please let me know if you have any questions.

From the package description:
Name: dafHacks-mockTurtle-daf.36
Author: daf
Time: 6 November 2006, 2:59:48 pm
UUID: fbc29604-502f-584a-8988-e66aeae66251
Ancestors: dafHacks-mockTurtle-daf.35

Got some actual scripting working!  Hurray!  Start a new turtle from
the Tools menu.  Try the 'h' or 's' keys while pointing at the turtle.

Requires my most recent VRML package from the PublicContributions
repository and a fairly recently updated image.

After loading this package, click on the Croquet button in the green
Objects catalog to refresh the choices, then drag out the
MockTurtleDemo (Master).