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New Smalltalk positions

Noury Bouraqadi

Here at the ESUG 2006 International Smalltalk Conference, I remind  
people that I maintain a web page dedicated to Smalltalk jobs and  
internships offers:

I got many positive reactions.
Some people told me that they found a job using this page.
Others promised to send me new offers.
I'd already got 2 new ones that I added to the page: one at Heeg eK  
(Germany) and the second at JP Morgan (UK).

Please keep notifying me if you have new offers or if you found a job  
using my page .

James Robertson also reported me that James T. Savidge is maintaining  
another repository  based on dabbledb

Dr. Noury Bouraqadi - Enseignant/Chercheur
ARMINES - Ecole des Mines de Douai - Dept. I.A.

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