New VM tech (update/survey/beta information)

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New VM tech (update/survey/beta information)

Zak Fenton

Hi everyone!

Some of you may recall my earlier posts about starting a business around a new VM technology. I'm sorry I left some of you hanging and promised updates... But the good news is, after much perseverance, it looks like the business will be going ahead - I've secured enough funding for the short-term, subject to the outcome of some feasibility studies.

To be clear, the technology is not specific to Smalltalk users, but it does include a Smalltalk VM as well as many other features which may be of interest to many of you, so I'd like to make sure Smalltalk users are represented in my initial market research.

It's a very short survey and should take less than five minutes to complete. In return, you'll get a chance to play with the first beta release as it becomes available over the coming months (however places in the beta program are limited, so availability cannot be guaranteed).

The survey is here (the last page allows you to opt in to the beta program):