New file based HelpBrowser in Spec20

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New file based HelpBrowser in Spec20

Leo Frere

For who doesn't know me, I'm Leo, I'm student intern from Lille and I worked with Stephane Ducasse.

We worked on the NewHelpBrowser in Spec20 and we published a first version that you can use and find at the folowing link
The new help browser is using microdown files on the disc and not strings stored into methods.

In this version, you use a FileSystem with folder or Microdown file which can be internalized (it means that the physical files can be loaded in a virtual memory file system
and the help can work without the physical file system).
The differents files are parsed, converted to Pillar model and visited by a Topic Builder.
The TopicBuilder creates NodeHelpTopic for every section. All the elements are covered with tests.

In the git you have also a doc folder which used by the code in the comment class of the SpNewHelpBrowserPresenter.
Here is the doc of Pharo 90 we started to migrate.

We do know if the newHelpBrowser should replace the old one. Let us know.
We will work on a BookBrowser to be able to read all Pharo books from Pharo.