New guy introducing myself (and a few questions)

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New guy introducing myself (and a few questions)

Dan Farmer
Hi All,

I'm a computer vision engineer that's always looking for more productive tools (currently use a lot of python and C++). I've tried Smalltalk (i.e., Squeak and Pharo) in the past and haven't been able to get productive in them but something about Smalltalk appeals to me so I'm giving it another try with Cuis this time (For me shipping with Linear Algebra it pretty much a must have). I also noticed the nice OpenCL support, I saw there are examples that using the OpenCL 1.2 API -- I'm curious if it supports OpenCL 2.0 or is 1.2 the max?

The next thing that's high on my list is plotting. I've noticed Pharo folks talking about Roassal a lot but I haven't seen a port for Cuis. I did see the FunctionGraphMorph which I like for it's simplicity, but is there anything else in this regard?

That's probably enough to get started, but anyway I really like Cuis so far, it's my favorite of the 3 I've tried. Also if there's some work I can contribute to help things along I wouldn't mind spending some time learning the "Smalltalk way" better and improving things at the same time.


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