Newer Flash file support in the KAT demo?

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Newer Flash file support in the KAT demo?

Smarttech ( is finally acting like they are
ready to put some money behind making Edusim ( do more than
basically what is built into the core of the KAT demo (They have asked me to
submit them an estimate for essentially newer flash file support).... We also
have a Bio-authority grant in the pipe that could really inject some nice money
into the project.

As mentioned above a big thing with Smarttech is the support of newer Flash
files (Dragging in as is possible with images, mpg, text, audio,  etc. with the
KAT demo).. I know the older flash formats (ver 1 & 2?) are supported (though
not by dragging them in).. Has anyone tweeked with newer  Flash format support
in the KAT demo?

Side note.. here is our thinking (in video) on the implementation of a lesson
in the k-12 classroom (after A LOT of hours with students, teachers, &
embedding in the class to observe lessons using the Edusim stuff on an
interactive whiteboard needs are becoming VERY clear at this point):

Dino-Land Video:

(This will be a cross post for Julian, Howard, Darius .. I am really trying to
get a feel for who has the time to build this thing out - I know everyone is
super busy with other projects)

Best regards,