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News Report Dec 2007

Ron Teitelbaum
Happy New Year everyone,

Here is your news report for Dec 2007 and the year.

We had a big hit with Craig's pictures
There was an amazing amount of interest: 29,614 hits!  Thank you!

Craig helped us to beat our record and gave us our best day ever of 17,959
hits on Dec 30 (this was more then all the hits we received last month).
This was a very nice way to end the year.

Our second place post was
with: 1279 hits.

We had only 5 posts for the month.

Our search hits continue to be very strong on search keys that include

For the entire year of 2007 we had 179,745 hits.  This was our first full
year (total of 16 months).

My impressions of the Weekly Squeak are that we are doing quite well.  I've
noticed that there is a lot of talk about Smalltalk and Squeak and we are
receiving a number of links from other communities, blogs and web sites.
I'm sure most of the buzz has been generated by OLPC, Croquet and Seaside
but I would like to believe that we helped a little to raise the awareness
of other developers about the Squeak community and our continued support and
progress.  We have a terrific community and I'm looking forward to the new
year of Squeak and Smalltalk.  

We are proud to be a part of and support this community.  

Thank you for supporting and reading the Weekly Squeak!

Ron Teitelbaum
and The Squeak News Team

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