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News Team Report Oct 2007

Ron Teitelbaum
Hi All,

It's that time again.  For the month of Oct we had 17,500 article views of 
(17K is pretty good our average is around 13K)

We had 3 articles with over 1000 hits:
Wait for it! - The Little Book of Semaph
-semaphores/> 1,944
Seaside 2.8 Released!!
<> 1,447
Dan's the Man! Check out Dan Ingalls wo
alls-work-squeak-in-javascript/> 1,068

What's interesting to me is that we had hits on 149 separate articles.  
(28 articles with more then 50 hits) (18 articles had only 1 hit)  

We had at total of 16 articles published in Oct.  

Thank you to everyone that wrote us with ideas about things to publish.
If you have some news let us know at [hidden email]

Special thanks to our contributors:
Giovanni Corriga
Giovanni Giorgi
Michael Davies
Brad Fuller

If you would like to write articles for the weekly squeak please let us
The news team is a great place to volunteer your time.

Happy Squeaking!!

Ron Teitelbaum
Squeak News Team Leader

News mailing list
[hidden email]

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