News Team update for Nov 2007

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News Team update for Nov 2007

Ron Teitelbaum
Hello all,

This is the news team update for November 2007.  We had 9 articles posted on
Weekly Squeak in November.

The article was the most hits was:

Seaside - One Click Experience! 
With 1,360 hits

The Give 1 Get 1 program resulted in a large number of hits from searches on

There were hits on over 130 different articles with 13,057 hits overall
(down from 17.5 K last month).

There are also a number of blogs that regularly reference and comment on our

If you have ideas for stories please let us know
mailto:[hidden email]  

We appreciate all suggestions and comments.  I received a number of comments
about editorials.  Most were very positive and encouraging and were the
result of some public discussion about the Weekly Squeak on IRC.  If you
would like to comment on the content of our articles we are very interested
in your opinion.

The News Team is a great place to volunteer and contribute to your Squeak

Thanks for Reading and Supporting the Weekly Squeak!

Ron Teitelbaum
Squeak News Team Leader