Non-Programmer's Guide to Current Croquet Functionality

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Non-Programmer's Guide to Current Croquet Functionality

I've been reading everything and watching everything I can find,
via the website and through searches on Google,
regarding Croquet development and functionality.  Though
what I have read is interesting, much of the information is
directed toward those who are "in the know", which is to be
expected since we are dealing with an SDK, anyway.

I have an interest in assembling a series of informative videos
for the Croquet non-programming developer and user, to help
myself and any who care to follow along, get a comprehensive
grasp on the entire spectrum of development that is available
to those who wish to create Croquet content, (avatars,
robots, environments and any other interactions which don't
require programming).

I realize nobody has had the time to provide these kinds of
resources, but I was wondering if anyone would care to assist
me in finding the information to put something like this together.  
There are so many people working on so many different aspects
of this environment, that I believe the information may be
"out there" but somewhat scattered about.  Specifically, do
there exist any "how-to's" describing things like annotation
creation, pop-up billboards, portal creation and
customization, applying new .bvh animations to new avatar
interactions, sensor creation, importing custom terrain and
props, as well as importing .obj files that possess UV mapped
textures that appears properly when imported into Poser?

Any direction you can provide that points to any source for
understanding these things, (hopefully for the non-programmer),
would be greatly appreciated and would ultimately benefit
the entire Croquet project.


Greg Smith