OS 8.5 - problems with dialog boxes: error notifier not modal and alignment in ModalMessageBox

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OS 8.5 - problems with dialog boxes: error notifier not modal and alignment in ModalMessageBox

Rommel, Volker

I've encountered some problems concerning dialog boxes.
(I am working with OStudio 8.5 on Windows 7.).

- error notifier not modal

I changed the error notifier class for the runtime image to RuntimeDebugNotifier. Unfortunately the notifying dialog is not modal to OStudio windows but only to VisualWorks.
While there is an unhandled exception and the user should decide to quit or continue the program he can proceed without answering the dialog.

Is there a way to make the standard notifier dialog modal to OStudio?

- text alignment in ModalMessageBox

So I wanted to use another dialog, e. g. ModalMessageBox.  I tried to mock up the  VisualWorks notifier but it looks terrible, because the whole text is centered.

A ModalMessageBox with standard buttons like OK, Retry, Cancel looks fine. The text is aligned left. But if you use Exit, Proceed and Continue it's messed up. The normal MessageBox does it way better. 

In ModalMessageBox>>createTitle:text:icon:buttons:action:controller: you see
text asTextOptions: {#VCenter #HCenter}.
whereas in MessageBox>>createTitle:text:icon:buttons:action:controller: it says 
text asTextOptions: {#VCenter #Left}.

Why is the text centered in the ModalMessageBox?

- #open is called twice in MessageBox

And while playing around with ModalMessagBox and MessageBox I found that there are to calls to #open for the MessageBox.
I think the #open in #createTitle:text:icon:buttons:action:controller: shouldn't be there. #open is called again in #title:text:icon:buttons:action:controller:ctlr

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