[OSPP] Status report: 64 bit updates for OSPP, XDCP, and AioPlugin

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[OSPP] Status report: 64 bit updates for OSPP, XDCP, and AioPlugin

David T. Lewis
I have completed the first phase of the 64 bit updates for OSProcessPlugin,
XDisplayControlPlugin, and AioPlugin. The first phase was to do all
updates required for compiling and running on 32 bit hardware. The
second and last phase is to do any additional updates that will be required
for compiling and running on 64 bit hardware.

Current status: All three plugins compile cleanly (no warnings or errors)
for both the 32 bit VM and the 64 bit VM. All OSProcess unit tests pass for
both the 32 bit and 64 bit VM and image when running on 32 bit Intel
hardware and Linux OS. On a 32 bit Intel Linux box, OSProcess and
CommandShell both work fine on either the 32 bit or 64 bit VM and image.


- I am generating my plugin code using the latest SVN and VMM sources,
but compiling with ./src and ./platforms from the old dist3 files (with
symlinks to tie the two together for build). This is due to my inability
to build a working VM from the latest sources on my Linux Intel box.
Therefore, my tests are not fully valid (although the plugins are clearly
working, and I have no specific reason to anticipate other problems).

- I have not tested anything on Windows. The Win32 OSProcessPlugin
will probably work (relevant changes have been applied to both the
Unix and Win32 subclasses), but I have not compiled or tested it.

- I do not have a 64 bit computer to work with, so I have no way
to know how this stuff will work on an actual 64 bit machine. I am
assuming that it will *not* work initially, but I don't expect to need
any extensive changes (the changes so far have been straightforward).

Help needed: Is anyone in a position to load my OSP code, build the plugins,
and run my SUnit test suite on a real 64 bit machine? This would require
about a half hour to an hour of work, and the result would be a file with
the test results that could be mailed back to me to figure out next steps.
I'll provide all the change sets and/or MCZ files (but I don't want to attach
all that stuff to this email).

I am attaching a copy of the plugins for reference (but not the test
suite, OSP updates, etc).


VMConstruction-Plugins-OSProcess-dtl.5.mcz (95K) Download Attachment