OSProcess 4.3 released on SqueakMap

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OSProcess 4.3 released on SqueakMap

David T. Lewis
OSProcess version 4.3 is released on SqueakMap.

Change log for version 4.3 since prior SqueakMap release (4.0.1):

- Changes to support a fully event-driven CommandShell.
- Add StandardFileStream modifications to package.
- Change from underscores to ':=' for assignments.
- Win32OSProcessPlugin.dll is no longer distributed in this package.
- Fix #isAtEndOfFile: and add AttachableFileStream>>atEnd to make use of the
  fixed method. OSPP 4.2 has a fixed primitive that will be used if available,
  otherwise OSP works around the old bug.
- Add a nil check to AttachableFileStream>>atEnd.
- Reinstate methods required for backward compabibility with older CommandShell.
  Add new methods to implement improved #atEnd behavior, and #upToEndOfFile
  for pipes.
- Add buffered async behavior to file streams.
- Update OSPipe for event driven input.
- Update file locking to fix a bug and provide better error handling.
- Add fail blocks to file lock methods (versus e.g. test for nil).
- Add pthread instance variable to UnixProcess to display the identity of the
  pthread in which the interpreter is executing.
- File unlocking could fail if Win32 file locking emulation is disabled.
  This release fixes the problem. The problem can be demonstrated by
  evaluating "OSProcessAccessor emulateWin32FileLocking: false" then running the
  UnixProcessFileLockingTestCase tests (or UnixProcessWin32FileLockingTestCase
  and UnixProcessUnixFileLockingTestCase tests that replace them).
- Changed #saveImageInBackground to use a better time stamped image name.
- Added #saveImageInBackgroundNicely to do a background image save at lower
- Fixed #uniqueNameForSavedImage to use leading zeros in date fields.
- Turn off Win32 file locking by default.
- Add a UnixProcess example for background processing.
- Clean up logic on OSFileLock>>test.
- Add pthread accessor for UnixOSProcessAccessor (requires OSPP 4.0.2).
- Added #nice: to set scheduling priority of the Squeak VM process.
- Changed #saveImageInBackground to use a better time stamped image name.
- Added #saveImageInBackgroundNicely to do a background image save at lower
- Added #forwardSigUsr1 and #forwardSigUsr2.
- Added methods for restoring original signal handlers, e.g. #restoreSigUsr1.


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