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OSS support patches

Takeshi MUTOH
Hi VM hackers!!

I'm a maintainer of FreeBSD lang/squeak port.

At FreeBSD, we don't have ALSA sound support, so we must use OSS sound

In 3.10-4 VM, OSS sound support is broken.
I can fix this problem with patch attached.

If there is no problem at other othere OSes, please commit these
Especially, I don't know OSS sound order at
platforms/unix/vm/sqUnixMain.c is correct.

Thanks in advance.
Takeshi MUTOH <[hidden email]>

patch-platforms__unix__config__configure (2K) Download Attachment
patch-platforms__unix__vm-sound-OSS-Makefile.inc (207 bytes) Download Attachment
patch-platforms__unix__vm__sqUnixMain.c (811 bytes) Download Attachment