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[OT] Croquet Movie Idea

David Faught
This has been on my far far back burner for a while:

The story setting for the big Croquet Movie is the Old West.

What is the main conflict?

 Scene: The Architect team meets in the saloon with Alan Kay playing
honky tonk piano in the corner.
 Scene: A herd of cattle being driven through the street, right over
the Croquet set in the street.
 Scene: Poke at collaboration syncronization issues using cartoon
"hall with many doors" scene, set in the saloon or in the street.

These scenes are fun, but come on, it's the Old West. There are some
obligatory scenes and scripts to throw in. Bar fight, shoot out in the
street. How to make them fit the Croquet theme?

How to fit in the teams at U of Minn and UWMadison? Maybe Julian as
head of Cattlemen's Association?

Could insert myself as clown-dressed reporter for local newspaper
(what AM I thinking here?)? Or maybe use the newspaper as a base for
another set of people like U of Minn. group?  What are some other
common groups?  Miners from the hills?