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David Faught
Haven't made much progress this summer on my current Tweak/Croquet
project, and I'm sad to say that despite getting the bulk of my free
time, my golf game hasn't improved much either.

Tipped off by a comment by Dan Ingalls in a video about the Lively
Kernel, I checked out CanvaScape by Benjamin Joffe and got his
permission to do a little mod which randomly generates a maze for the
playing arena.  This is all JavaScript and "should be" relatively
browser-independent.  Check it out at:

Attached is the script for CroquetSia episode 6.  It's a lot of dialog
to handle in Alice, which would (right now) be my first choice of
tools to dramatize it.  So, I will probably never do the animation.
Here's the script anyway, for entertainment purposes only.

Comments always welcome.


croquetsia6.txt (2K) Download Attachment