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[OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Mac OS X: Fullscreen not as expected (#407)

Eliot Miranda-4

Currently it is only possible to maximize Squeak by using the button in the MainDockingBar (it is not possible by using the green button on the window what is slightly unexpected but ok).
The fullscreen I get is a Squeak that looks like a typical Mac fullscreen but has several drawbacks:

  • it is not a new desktop with only the app, but consumes the current desktop
  • if you change desktop you get strange behaviour with the dock appearing
  • if you use a second monitor and have a Squeak in fullscreen on your first you get a black background stretched over the whole second monitor

The expected behaviour for fullscreen would be a native Mac OS fullscreen.

(@ronsaldo someone mentioned to me that is due to the new metalshaders)

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