Out of sync id of WebApplication

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Out of sync id of WebApplication

Alex Baran
Hello Aida community,

My apologies if my conclusions are not correct, I'm new to the Aida.
I stumbled at a situation which is better to describe by a simple
example. Counter seems like a good candidate.
Each time we press on a link ajax is fired and counter is incremented.
Whole application supposed to be redrawn.

        | e link |
        e := WebElement new.
        link := e
                        addLinkTo: self observee
                        text: 'Counter: ' , counter displayString.
        link onClickUpdate: self.
                pageFrameWith: e
                title: ''

        self method: #inc.
        counter := 0.

        counter := counter + 1.

The code doesn't work properly. The problem is that WebApplication
_id_ inside of WebApplication and in WebForm goes out of sync. So ajax
request go to illegal element. This happens because of WebApplication
clearing(WebApplication>>cleanup) at html printing nilify id inside of
WebApplication, and later WebApplication get generated id instead of
old one stored in the form.

My fix is pretty straitforward:

WebForm>>registerIdFor: anElement
        anElement id isNil ifTrue:
                [(self isRegistered: anElement) ifTrue:
                                [^anElement id: (self ids keyAtValue: anElement)]. "Using of old key"
                ^anElement id: self nextId]. "auto id if not manually defined! "

Hope this can be useful,
Alex Baran
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