PEG Rule to handle nested WikiText Templates.

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PEG Rule to handle nested WikiText Templates.

Hi Folks.

I am writting  a Parser Grammar in the XTreams package

My grammar looks like this so far:

'Body <- (   Template / Flow )*

LineCharacter <- [^\n]
Flow <-  Bold / Italic / BoldItalic/ LinkShort / LinkFull / LineCharacter /Template
Italic <-  "''''" Flow{"''''"}
Bold <-  "''''''" Flow{"''''''"}
BoldItalic <- "''''''''''''" Flow{"''''''''''''"}

LinkShort <- "[" .{&[>\]]} "]"
LinkFull <- "[" Flow{">"} .{"]"}
Whitespace <- [\s\t\n\r]*
Template <-  "{{"  Template "}}" /   "{{"  Flow{"}}"}
Heading4    <-    Whitespace "==== " Flow{" ====\n"}

Italic and Bold work just peachy.

Template works for a simple Templates like: 


My Actor callback, for now just wraps it in a span like this:

<span style="text-decoration: underline">reflist</span>

Where things go south is when Templates are nested, for example on Infoboxes which are widely used in wiki markup:
Here is a truncated version of my output:

<span style="text-decoration: underline">Infobox Italian comune   <---This is where the PEGActor callback started to wrap the outmost template.
| name                = Elmas
| official_name       = Comune di Elmas
| area_code           = 070
| website             = {{official website|</span>    <--here is the nested Template. As you can see the Grammar ended the  outermost <span></span> here and never recursed on the inner template.
| footnotes           =
}}  <---here is the outermost template should end.

So...I need a rule that will cover this.

Template <-  "{{"  Template "}}" /   "{{"  Flow{"}}"}
should be what?

Thank you for your help.

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