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[PROP] Change SiteIdentifier creation message

Ken Treis-4
Here's the proposal: take the current scheme:

SiteIdentifier class>>#ip:port:host:

and rename/reorder these things to:

SiteIdentifier class>>#hostname:address:port:

Then, we rename the instance vars to match the new protocol (ip becomes
address, host becomes hostname).  We also remove the
Site>>#host:ip:port: message, since it's not sent by anybody and its
behavior is redundant.

Benefits: clarity.  I also like the use of the setFoo:bar:baz: pattern
for an initialization method.  This follows the pattern described in
Beck's "Best Practice Patterns" book.

The following tests will have to change:

SiteIdentifierTest (all methods)

The changes to the tests should be obvious.  We would also probably want
to change the sites.cnf file in our distribution.


Ken Treis
[hidden email]