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Passed: OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm#1970 (202003021730 - 6a0bc96)

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Fabio Niephaus avatarFabio Niephaus

Restore pumpRunLoopEventSendAndSignal: for Squeak

@guillep introduced some additional logic to filter out events that do not correspond to the VM window. The about panel and the fullscreen frame are also alien windows, but were not receiving any events because of this change. As a consequence, these events will forever remain in the queue and therefore, the buttons of the fullscreen frame and about panel cannot be clicked.
This commit reverts all changes back to the previous version that consumes all events and forwards them to NSApp.
In order to avoid breaking PharoVM, we do all of this behind an `#ifdef PharoVM`.

Relevant changes:

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