Patch VM and try to re-generate src does not work

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Patch VM and try to re-generate src does not work


I follow this page to try to hack the Cog VM:

The build itself work.

But now, I want to patch the VM code: I just try to add "self log: 'foobarbaz'" in "ObjectMemory>fullGC".
   - I add such instruction from within "pharo-ui generator.image"
   - I do "PharoVMBuilder buildUnix32."
     BUT this step doesnt regenerate C src code including my changes (I grep "foobarbaz" and found nothing !)
     If I take a look at src/vm/cointerp.c, I see the method "fullGC" but without my changes.

Did I miss something?  

Note: Is it the right workflow to hack the VM/interpreter: patching the generator.image + regenerate src + build + launch the build to test ?

Thanks by advance for your help ...
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