Pharo 6.1 debugger - doesn't always step/step through reliably?

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Pharo 6.1 debugger - doesn't always step/step through reliably?

Tim Mackinnon
Has anyone else noticed that if you are stepping through code - the into and through operations don’t always step into or step through?

I’ve been debugging some RBParser code to understand how it works and I notice that when I try to step through #intersectsInterval: anInterval in the chains of nodes it alway skips going into methods when its looping through a collection (and its not the first loop through, but the second one where the debugger just stops over and not into).

I can’t find a very specific example - but thought I would see if this is a known issue or whether possibly I am doing something wrong?

I’m assuming that when faced with looping through a collection of children, its normal to use “through” to get into the iteration block, and then once inside I can use ‘into” to then step into a method that each child is calling. As I said, it works the first time, but the second time (when I find I have to click “through”again to get into the block for the next child, its then when “into” just doesn’t seem to cooperate? One possibility - are getter methods optimised - as in for a method #size, if it simply returns an iVar - does the debugger not step into those?


P.s. while taking about the debugger - does anyone else find the current keyboard shortcuts for over, into, through a real nuisance? They aren’t consistent between all 3, or easily pressable e.g.

Into = cmd+e, over = cmd+shift+o, cmd+shift+t

I don’t mind holding cmd-shift with my left hand, but then my right hand should have keys close to each other for these operations (like I, o, p - and yes p doesn’t quite match “through", but its conveniently in order to let you quickly step through lots of code.