Pharo Progress Report 2021-05-26

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Pharo Progress Report 2021-05-26

Esteban Lorenzano
(I changed the date format of this mails to something that is clear also in north america :) )

No much change since last week, with one task entering short term goals (in bold) and the rest unchanged (there was movement... just none of the tasks was finished :P).

Short-term goals:
- Improve integration infrastructure for Spec2 and NewTools frameworks.
- Improve quality and quantity of tests in Spec2 and NewTools frameworks.
- Improve quality of class comments in Spec2 framework.
- Since we are in freeze mode: fixing important bugs on Pharo9 and its components (this issue will stay here until release).
- include M1 in PharoLauncher

Medium-term goals:
- Removal of GTTools
- M1 VM release.
- Release 9.0

## Last week

-  working on infrastructure (github actions and improving baselines and merge).
- Some enhancements to SpApplication (UI interactions), SpCodePresenter
- Added more tests to StInspector
- merged Spec2 0.9.13 (lots of improvements, see
- Pablo was working on improvements in the Test Runner and some experiments for future work on GC.
- Guille was working on profiling (a time consuming task, pun intended ;)) and metalinks
- Christophe is back and resuming the work on PharoLauncher (command line)
- Marcus was sketching some future clean ups and refactors (for Pharo 10) and as always, processing PRs :)

## This week

- finish a pass on NewTools (v0.6.6)
- start a clean up pass on Spec
- improve testing of NewTools (Infrastructure in general, StInspector if time).
- Resume plans for Pakbot (old Cargo)