Pharo Progress Report 2021-06-09

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Pharo Progress Report 2021-06-09

Esteban Lorenzano
We are slowly moving on to a "ready to release" status, but there are still some tasks to do and in fact we have one new short term task. Still, it does not looks but we have improve the stability and the speed of integrations, which means an overall better life and status to move on :)
Also, I splitted the short term goals in easier to messure tasks, so I can remove them ;)

Short-term goals:
- Improve quality and quantity of tests in StInspector
- Improve quality and quantity of tests in StSpotter
- Improve quality and quantity of tests in StPlayground
- Improve quality of class comments in Spec2 framework.
- Since we are in freeze mode: fixing important bugs on Pharo9 and its components (this issue will stay here until release).
- include M1 in PharoLauncher
- Remove pharo catalog from image

Medium-term goals:
- Removal of GTSpotter
- M1 VM release.
- Release 9.0

Long-term goals:
- Removal of remaining GTTools
- Removal of Glamour
- Removal if Spec1

## Last week

- ED (Emergency debugger) fixed (the UI was revamped to work on OSWindow and the SDL2 backend, in fact).
- Pass on Spec and NewTools repositories. Now development branches are called dev-1.0 and stable branch is "Pharo9.0" (will fit better the development cycle),
- Some enhancements in the new spotter
- For Spec, enhance tests in trees/lists/dropdowns.
- Stef added some improvements to microdown (Still for P10).
- Pablo made some fixes to the test runner
- ... and Marcus was busy fixing bugs and integrating PRs

### This week (starting 2021-06-07):

- Some final cleanups (GTSpotter and Catalog... yes, catalog is out because for now is better not having nothing that havign something that misslead people)
- Take care about some crashes in the new M1
- adapting PharoLauncher to download M1 VMs
- more on PharoLauncher command line