Pharo Progress Report 2021-06-16

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Pharo Progress Report 2021-06-16

Esteban Lorenzano
This week we move on with what's needed for the upcoming release, this time we make improvements on tests for playground and removed the pharo catalog... not bad, but more need to come :)

Short-term goals:
- Improve quality and quantity of tests in StInspector
- Improve quality and quantity of tests in StSpotter
- Improve quality of class comments in Spec2 framework.
- Since we are in freeze mode: fixing important bugs on Pharo9 and its components (this issue will stay here until release).
- include M1 in PharoLauncher

Medium-term goals:
- Removal of GTSpotter
- M1 VM release.
- Release 9.0

Long-term goals:
- Removal of remaining GTTools
- Removal of Glamour
- Removal if Spec1

## Last week

- removed catalog browser (it was obsolete and just a source of confusion for newbies)
- some homogeneisation on commands in code presenter that will affect all newtools
- fixing issues on Spec2/NewTools and writing tests
- we get close to an alpha version of pharo-launcher command line
- debugging an ARM32 problem 
- fixed an emergent bug on global definitions in workspaces
- the usual PRs reviews/merges.

## This week

- hunting some leaks and fixing bugs on Spec2
- recovering the file browser dialog
- more debugging on the ARMv32