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Pier mailing list?

Giuliano Mega-2
Hello everyone,

My name is Giuliano and I'm a brazilian student who's just starting to
get serious (and fall in love) with Squeak. I'm currently really
really interested in Pier and I have a couple of silly questions
regarding it. :-) I don't think this is the proper mailing list to ask
them, but I can't seem to find the actual pier mailing list. There's a
link to a majordomo server in the Pier wiki, but I wasn't able to
figure out how to subscribe or to which list (there are several lists
and their names seem to be in german).

So, without further ado, that's my first question to you guys: could
someone please point me to it? :-)

Thanks in advance!

Giuliano Mega <[hidden email]>

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Re: Pier mailing list?

Lukas Renggli
Hi Giuliano,

there is indeed a Pier mailing-list, but it is called
<[hidden email]> since Pier was formerly called SmallWiki 2.
>From your description I guess you were probably at the right place but
I cannot help much since I am not the maintainer of this mailing-list.

We should probably create a new mailing-list at
lists.squeakfoundation.org for Pier and Magritte related questions, so
that people can ask questions more easily?

Have you seen the information at <http://smallwiki.unibe.ch/smallwiki/pier/>?

Looking forward answering your questions :-)


Lukas Renggli