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[Pillar dev news] cleaned commandline logic


I started a new branch for Pharo 60.

Past actions for this branch are:

        - clean and document the commandline logic and API in 4.0.11
        - extract an object from the commandLine logic so that we can now invoke
        the logic without having to do it from the image.

Next actions:
        - avoid as much as possible to use DNU trick combined with magritte  
description for CocoonConfigurations
        may be one idea is to have a configuration without Magritte and a  
subclass with.
        Also a configuration does not have to have per se file support
        Should check in the future the stylesheet of artefact and extract a  
common property collection with lookup
        little framework.
        - fix problem with some classes trashing printOn: (super cool for  
debugging) and testing.
        - start to remove the metadata section (far too complex).