Plans for multi-table inheritance?

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Plans for multi-table inheritance?


TOPLink had support for inheritance over multipla tables. like in Animal <- Mammal <- Dog, where an instance of Dog is persisted in all three tables. There have been other Persistence Frameworks in the Smalltalk wild which supported these hierarchies.

Glorp does not (yet) support this scheme. So if you wanted to replace any of these legacy frameworks with Glorp (like because you want to re-juvenate some really well-matured business app), chances are you end up changing the tables instead of just proting your code to Glorp. This is not always easy (maybe this is a bit of an euphemism).

So I wonder if there are any plans to support multi-table inheritance in Glorp or if we can at least find a few useful pointers as to where to start if somebody wanted to add it.


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