PolyMath - extra features (while in migration)

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PolyMath - extra features (while in migration)

Alexey Cherkaev
Hi all,

I've set up the github repository https://github.com/mobius-eng/PolyMath-Extensions based on filetree to put what I'm currently working on.

Reason: PolyMath is still in transition from SciSmalltalk and there is still quite a bit of work needs to be done on it (including substantial renaming). So, it might not be the best idea to add new features to PolyMath at this stage. Instead, I would add new features to a new repository and integrate them with PolyMath as the transition progresses.

What I will be doing:
  1. I will keep updating my repository from the latest PolyMath build to ensure everything works.
  2. The features I will be introducing:
    1. Iterative linear solvers: CG (already done), BiCGStab (in progress), GEMRES (maybe in the future, it requires quite a lot of extra work to implement).
    2. Nonlinear solvers for vector-to-vector problems: Newton's method, Broyden's method (also, maybe)
    3. ODE: AM and BDF with variable step size and variable approximation order and iterative predictor-corrector (slightly longer term: automatic switch between the two depending if the problem is stiff or not, similar to LSODE).
  3. One a particular feature is stable, I will push it to PolyMath.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or if you would want to contribute, please, let me know.


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