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Porting Network-Protocols

Hi Guys:

I'm trying to make work Sport & Swazoo in Cuis, as a first needed step to have Aida working in Cuis.

Then, I need to start for the network support to complete the already included in Cuis.

One of the big steps is port Network Protocols (Telnet, POP3, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, etc).

Until now, I was porting from Pharo1.4Summer because compatibility reasons with the packages I'm interested in port, but now, porting the protocols,
I saw a big difference with Squeak, because a lot of methods in Pharo are facades to Zinc (that I started porting some time ago). In Squeak such methods remain as in the original format, that means, no relying in Zinc.

I'm wondering what is better:

- Port as in Squeak 4.4 with no Zinc in mind; or
- Port as in Pharo 1.4, and try to have Zinc in the image?

What do you think?


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