PrimitiveFailed: primitive #createDirectory: in WindowsStore failed

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PrimitiveFailed: primitive #createDirectory: in WindowsStore failed

I'm getting the "PrimitiveFailed: primitive #createDirectory: in WindowsStore
failed" error when I launch Pharo 7.0 32-bit image in Windows 10, if the
image is copied from another computer.

Namely, I share my working directory (including Pharo images) among three
computers. When I create new Pharo 7.0 image on one of these computers, the
image starts OK.

The image gets synchronized to other computers. If I start the image on one
of these, Pharo responds with the error message:


If I save the image on the problematic computer, it runs OK from then on.
Then, the error again shows up on another computer and behaves similarly -
if I locally store the image, it runs OK. The problem is when I start the
image that was copied from another computer. Of course I pay attention that
I don't have Pharo running in parallel.

Everything works well with older versions of Pharo images (5.0, 6.0, 6.1).

Thanks for your help

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