Printing multiple reports as a single print job

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Printing multiple reports as a single print job

Julian Ford-2
Hello, all.

Hoping everyone is staying as safe and healthy as possible!

I have a question to which I am reasonable sure I already know the answer.
I use the VA Report framework, whereby I use the Report Feature to
create subclasses of AbtAppBldrReport, each one laying out a specific type
of printable report.

I have the ability in my own framework, to either print that out,
preview it, or print to PDF.

With a recent change in government requirements, my clients (Optometrists)
are now responsible for providing, on demand, an electronic print out of packages
of information (previously, they were required to send paper printouts.
Each package (ideally each one a single PDF) would be comprised of a series
of related reports.

Now, I can easily create a PDF for each report in a package, but they are generally
asked to remit 25 packages....and each one might be comprised of several reports.

What I am hoping to find, is a way of taking all of the reports (each one a subclass of
AbtAppBldrReport) for a given package, and instead of printing each report,
be able to somehow print the collection of reports, as one print job, which would
thereby all be part of a single PDF.

With some digging, I can see that if I could have multiple templates in a
COPrinterDevice, I could perhaps add some code to iterate over the templates.
But I can already see problems with that approach because this class is really
intended to deal with a single template (header, body, footer, title, etc.).

What would be really great, is if there some way I could make a subclass of
AbtAppBldrReport which could have multiple reportShells, perhaps in such a way that
I could send it the collection of reports, and it would create shells from each report,
and then print all shells as one print job.

Perhaps I am just rambling, at this point, but I have often found it is worth asking.
One never knows who else might have done some sort of wacky think like this.

If anyone has any thoughts, or previous experiences, they would be greatly


Julian Ford

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