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Problem with FS Git

I'm playing with FS-Git, see how we can use it to browse/extract information from a Git repository. Difficult to get started without a bit of information, but after a while it's ok

I have one minor remark and a potential bug:
1) it would be cool to have the timestamp of the commit

2) when trying to recursively browse parents the commit tree, I stumble upon a DNU in GitPackedObject>>unpackRefDeltaContent

        | s delta base |
        s := (GitObjectSignature loadFrom: file) resolve. "---> (GitObjectSignature loadFrom: file) returns an Integer, which can't answer to #resolve "
        delta := self readDelta.
        base := pack packedObjectAt: s.
        self applyDelta: delta to: base.

Is this a known bug?

I just tried this morning with the latest version of Camillo as well as with the previous version.

Simon Denier